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Looking for a SGU fic
floppy_panda wrote in stargatefic
Apologies if this isn't allowed but i am looking for copies of Cleanwhiteroom's SGU fics- particularly force over distance and mathematique. Looks like they've been deleted off ao3 and and i regularly re-read them a couple of times a year!
Any help gratefully accepted.

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This community is actually geared toward SG-1 (created before there were so many spin-offs), so I'm not sure this is the audience for answering your question. Have you tried Wayback Machine?

(just stumbled across this)

I have pretty much everything CWR saved, so if you still looking for these fics of other stuff shoot me a message

I have also been looking for copies, (I haven't figured out messaging on lj yet sorry) could I bother you for them? I remember mourning their disappearance a while back too

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