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Stargate SG-1: "Periastron" - Gen. PG. AU. Teal'c POV. Kidfic. Character deaths.
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splash_the_cat wrote in stargatefic
[title]: Periastron
[author]: splash_the_cat
[fandom]: Stargate SG-1.
[details]: PG. Gen. Teal'c. OFC. Kidfic. AU after S7. Major Character Deaths. 9026 words. Posted 5/31/2016.
[summary]: After learning of the loss of the rest of SG-1, Teal'c finds himself one again torn between his two worlds, but he is not alone in his grief.
[notes]: I started writing this sometime during S7, and dug it out of my files last year intending to amnesty it because I had no idea where I'd been going with it. 7000 additional words later, I clearly figured that out.
[tags]: kidfic, alternate universe, family, chosen family, off-screen character death

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