Splintered, by Sally M (G)
sg1 1, stargate, stargate 1
Summary: No one in this or any other reality owned up to breaking it, of course.
Written for the SG1 Alphabet Soup
Word count: 3220 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Siler, Sam Carter, Original Characters
Era: classic team
Categories: vignette
Excerpt: The main thing was, the splinters and jagged cracks
meant that no one could use it to travel to another universe, or to
come from their universe to this. It was safe that way - useless, so
the scientists said, but safe. People suggested more than once that
they should get rid of it. Send it back to the empty planet it was
found on. Throw it out into space. Just get it off this planet.

But being the military, they never did. It was just a broken-up,
spiderweb view of a storeroom, after all. What differences could there
be in other storerooms that really mattered?

Link: on LJ and on Ao3

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Tok'ra Kree! Round 10 - Posting begins/claiming continues

Posting for round 10 has begun today, August 14th and runs through October 4th, 2017 (until midnight your timezone).

You may post your fanwork anytime during the open posting period.

You can find posting instructions in this post on DW and this post on LJ.

NOTE that claiming continues until September 1st, 2017.

Tok'ra Kree! Round 10 - Claiming ongoing!

FAQ (LJ | DW) | Schedule (LJ | DW) | Claiming (LJ | DW)

Timeline: Round 10: Prompt-A-Thon!
Prompting: May 15th - 28th, 2017.
Claiming: May 29th - June 11th, 2017 (max 2 prompts).
Claiming: June 12th - August 13th, 2017 (open claiming).
Claiming Ends / Last Day To Drop Out: August 13th, 2017.
Posting: August 14th - September 4th, 2017.

Tok'ra Kree is a community for fan challenges focused on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1. The challenge is run as a prompt-a-thon.

Fic/art can be any rating (G to NC-17), and gen, het, slash, femslash, poly... Any and all pairings (or none) are welcome! Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, the movies, as well as crossovers are welcome.

One or more Tok'ra must play a major part in the fanwork and not just be there as a convenient source of information, a way to get a spaceship, someone to blame, or similar. They do not, however, have to be one of the main character(s).

[Drabble] "Chicken Soup for the Colonel's Soul" [G]
Title: Chicken Soup for the Colonel’s Soul
Author: Ami Ven
Prompt: (unbelievably late) birthday present for badfalcon
Rating: G
Word Count: 300
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Character(s): Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, Janet Fraiser
Summary: “Wait, let me see if his fever’s gone down.”

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3

[Drabble] "Code of Justice" [G]
Title: Code of Justice
Prompt: writerverse challenge #01 October table of doom, prompt #25 ‘discipline’
Word Count: 512
Original/Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Character(s): Teal’c, George Hammond
Setting: vaguely late Season 1/early Season 2
Summary: Teal’c has some questions about the Tau’ri military.
Note(s): originally posted to the writerverse wv_library

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3

FIC: Taking Things In Hand
Title: Taking Things In Hand
Author: Cassie Morgan (badfalcon)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Categories: Masturbation, Sexual Fantasy, Face-Fucking
Rating: NC-17
Thanks to: You, for reading this. ravensword, as ever, for the beta.
Disclaimer: John Sheppard and all elements of the Stargate universe are so very not mine, and remain the property of the respective copyright holders. This story is written purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made from it.
Summary: John's exhausted but too stressed to fall asleep. So, he releases some of that tension in a tried-and-tested manner

( Taking Things In Hand )

Celebrating ten years of reccing
SG-1 awesome
This calendar year marked a decade of regular reccing for me: over 1,000 fics, nearly all gen. I celebrated by highlighting ten (or more) favorite recs from each 12-month period. You can browse through the recs by following the ten years of reccing tag.

Gen fic links
SG-1 awesome
Last week was SG-1 Gen Fic Day.

This roundup will give you links to fics, recs, and the complete Kidfic Alphabet Soup.

It's SG-1 Gen Fic Day!
SG-1 awesome
Over at my journal, we are celebrating SG-1 Gen Fic Day again! The theme of the day (including Alphabet Soup) is kidfic, but any kind of new fic, older fic, flashfic, recs, self-recs, meta, picspam, icons, vids, and general squee is welcome, as long as it's gen and related to SG-1.

There's actually still a letter or two left, if you want to play with the Soup. And if you want to simply contribute by linking to a favorite gen fic of yours, that's wonderful, too!

Go to this entry and join us. :)

Sign up now for Kidfic Alphabet Soup!
SG-1 awesome
The 22nd SG-1 Alphabet Soup will feature kidfic, and you can sign up now at this entry. By signing up, you commit yourself to write at least 100 words of gen kidfic by November 28th.

"Kidfic" can feature anyone from SG-1 during their time as a child, anyone from SG-1 turned into a child, or stories featuring an SG-1 character interacting with a canon or OC child. Basically, make there's a kid in there somewhere. :) And make sure it's gen!

Signups for Kidfic Alphabet Soup
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